Ladders Referral Hiring

Earn money by referring friends to your company’s open jobs


Marc Cenedella
@cenedella · Founder,Knozen
We're very pleased to be launching Referral Hiring. It's a great way to put cash in your pocket, and help your friends and company at the same time: 1 - Connect your networks 2 - We suggest which friends to recommend for which jobs at your company in a weekly email 3 - You click to recommend 4 - You collect check. So far, bonuses from companies have range… See more
Kate Addicott
@thekateyouknow · Content Strategist & Copywriter
Solid next step for Ladders. Congrats on the launch!
David Scacco
@davidscacco · self
Hiring great people is vital to the success of every company. Ladders new Referral Hiring solution is a big help. Congrats!
Andres Blank
@andresblank · Co-founder of Scout
Love this concept. Being on the recruiting space myself we constantly get asked for a strong referral solution.
Sol Weinreich
@solfrombrooklyn · Founder MINR
This seems awesome