LaCroix Electric Skateboard is an electric skateboard like no other with a comfortable, flexible, deck design with 2 rear motors, large wheels, and insane specs.

- 22 mile range

- 33 mph top speed

- 90 minute ride time

- regenerative brakes

- water resistant

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Oh. Not THAT LaCroix.
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Cash me on The Playa on this, 2019, how 'bou' dah? @kristofertm @alexandre_archambault
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There isn't even a hint of a description about how this board is controlled on the manufacturer's website. When considering the purchase of an electric skateboard that will travel at 33 mph, the safety and ease-of-use of the remote control is the single most important factor of the board. The fact that this manufacturer doesn't even feature an image of the remote is an extremely worrying sign.
@magnuson You're right. Possibly an oversight from them as they're still in pre-order. The videos do show and demo the remote usage.
This might be the best electric skateboard right now, and that's hard to say considering there's the lack of a good remote, I've only seen reviews and I've never ridden one. I was going to purchase it until I saw what was offered as a remote. I own an evolve and I have to say boosted boards currently makes the best remote for an electric skateboard. Hope LaCroix puts the same effort into the remote as they did the board.