L'appel Eyewear

Affordable, hand-crafted sunglasses

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Hi Everyone! My name is Princess and I am one of the many founders of L'appel Eyewear. After almost 2 years, we finally launched our new eyewear brand, L'appel. L’appel was born as a project for four design school students located in Pasadena, California. What started as curiosity, soon developed into obstinate obsession as we increasingly became aware just how manipulative the eyewear industry truly is. We couldn’t get over how impossible it was to find top quality, durable, comfortable, and stylish eyewear without ridiculous markups. So we decided to make the world’s first true alternative to overpriced designer eyewear. In French, L’appel means “the call.” We believe that everyone has their own convictions, their own calling. We believe that people work hard for their money, and they deserve more than what the eyewear industry is currently giving them. We believe that collectively, we should see eyewear differently. Join the call. We worked really hard on this and would love your support! #JointheCall
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