A multi-platform tool for free cryptocurrency airdrops 🤑

Kyte is a completely free tool that sends you the most profitable cryptocurrency airdrops around. It details the process, too, giving you step-by-step instructions so you can get your hands on free cryptocurrency tokens quickly and efficiently. Available on a wide range of platforms — try it out!

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Hi again Product Hunt! This is Luke from Descryptive; the team behind Kyte. Kyte is (what we believe to be) the number one cryptocurrency airdrop tool. We curate valuable airdrops and list the steps required to enter each one in a simple way. We’re hoping that everyone can find a suitable platform to use Kyte on — we’ve released it as an app on iOS, Android, Slack and Discord, and if apps aren’t your thing then it’s also available in-browser at All versions are totally free. Here are a few tips for you to try it out: Use the ‘Hot’ section of Kyte to find the most popular airdrops on any day Use the ‘Active’ section to find all current live airdrop listings Type ‘/kyte help’ for helpful direction on Slack and Discord I’ll be hanging around in the comments to answer questions. If you want to know anything regarding how we made Kyte or anything about Descryptive, or if you have any feedback, then I’d love to hear from you!
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Amazing idea... I can't actually believe how many of these free airdrops there are. Around half a dozen every day it seems. App looks nice too.
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@holdthedoor Thanks for the feedback! It's certainly not a unique idea on our behalf but I think our wide platform support gives us a wide appeal :)

lot of airdrops In one place


simple but effective


can we have more airdrops?