A simple, chat bubble for self service.

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Use AI-powered automation to help answer your customers' questions in real time with the Bubble! Just enter your knowledge base url and will automatically learn and generate a chat bubble armed with your company's specific data.

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Jamasen RodriguezMakerHiring@jamasenr · CEO @ | Forbes Contributor
Hey Product Hunt! We at are excited to launch the Bubble, to help you offer best in class customer care. In our experience of automating customer care conversations, most of our clients express that their reps being inundated with repetitive FAQ’s is their first hurdle in customer care excellence. We wanted to utilize a portion of our technology to help teams with this first line of defense and ensure your team’s resources are utilized in the most efficient ways. Whether you are a small or large team receiving a large volume of repetitive questions and are trying to ensure you resources go far, check out the Bubble. If you have any questions or feedback, we’d love to hear what you have to say!
JW@johndesk27 · Creator / Blogger @SmartProductive
@jamasenr Very interesting.. Wat differentiates this from there many popping up everyday? Does this come with a WP pluhjn?
Jamasen RodriguezMakerHiring@jamasenr · CEO @ | Forbes Contributor
@johndesk27 The key differentiator JW is that the Bubble is natively integrated with our enterprise cloning technology that allows to deploy advanced AI models into the Bubble when a business is looking to expand the Bubble's capabilities. This is not intended to be a chat product manned by an agent. It is complete self service powered by
JW@johndesk27 · Creator / Blogger @SmartProductive
WOW just noticed the pricing!? Id highly recommends a rethink there, much more established and higher spec already out there for much much less. Just m opinion.
Jamasen RodriguezMakerHiring@jamasenr · CEO @ | Forbes Contributor
@johndesk27 Thanks for the insight. We are testing the price at the moment. If you're willing to give us a try, we can reimburse your monthly fee as part of our PH promotion!
JW@johndesk27 · Creator / Blogger @SmartProductive
@jamasenr This is meant as feedback, certainly not critique. WP Plugin? Id consider an early adopter free trial, I'm actually launching a new business next week/two 👌
Jamasen RodriguezMakerHiring@jamasenr · CEO @ | Forbes Contributor
@johndesk27 Great to hear. Congrats on your new business. Currently the Bubble is only provided as javascript code, however, you may be able to insert the JS code in the header portion of your WP theme. I found this link that might help:
Sinan OzdemirMakerHiring@prof_oz
Hey all! Just wanted to give you an idea as how the bubble works. It uses a generalized data mining system to grab questions and answers from multiple levels of your knowledge center (meaning it can grab from a single page of FAQs or hundreds of pages of help articles) and uses that information to answer incoming customers' questions in real time using a natural language engine! It is natively integrated with our Kylie cloning technology and is in essence, cloning your knowledge center! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask :)
Jeremy Bauer@barnabybones · Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
I agree that this is a hefty price. The base price is kind of a lot, and then there’s the extra $0.20 per response. That kind of extra charging always scares me away from a product. With Intercom or Drift or others, you can get this functionality (connecting chat tool to knowledge base so a bot can supply answers to common questions) for a flat monthly fee. I don’t like not knowing how much something will cost me. To me, that’s inviting an expensive chaos into my work.