Business Card Design via Twitter Profile

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If progress continues I'm going to publish my trello development board. I thought of this idea while in Europe last year ( I wanted a simple business card with my twitter handle on it. With my twitter account people I was meeting could quickly get a sense of who I am, my political leanings, tech interests etc. Now that I'm officially a freelancer I have time to work on this. I'd like to generate color palettes & patterns for users to select, at least for those with no profile image backgrounds. I'd also like auto font color depending on the color of the background, or perhaps user selection. I still need the back end rendering to work as currently the fonts are a problem. The fonts are also a problem cross device and is something I need to address. Ultimately you will be able to design your card and have them shipped to your door in 3 days. Thanks for your interest.
Let's see if we can get @alexpineda77 in here to answer some questions.