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All the tools a developer needs to build a form.

The easiest way for developers to build any form they need without using a GUI form-builder starting at $0.
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Just started using this product and it’s amazing. You can tell countless hours were dedicated to making this the best developer tool to come out in the market


All in one tool for developers Highly recommended


No better alternative

Thank you Gabriel. The product was designed exactly for you, web developers.

Email submissions go to my inbox and not junk folder. thats also a plus.


The spam prevention is very effective. I would get tons of spam before and once Kwes was setup on our website no spam got through.


Cant really think of one

Thank you Khouri! You have been one of our earliest beta testers. Also the conversion rate on your forms improved by around 20%.
Software Engineer



Very easy setup, works great with my current designs b/c it inherits from the styles in my website. Spam protection algorithm works great!


Not a con, but ran out of space in the "pros". I can send data to Kwes API, parse it and block spam. That's really a plus for backend dev.

Signed up just to rate this - Loving it so far and I've trialed quite a few services before coming across kwes :)