A smart Wi-Fi connected wine bottle with a touchscreen

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I don't mean to break up the love fest but this is one of the stupidest things ever shared on here. Gimmicks like this don't encourage adoption and the supply of wine bottles usable with this will alway be limited at best.
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@joshuaarnao I think this idea as a novelty is pretty cool, but not practical. I like the idea of being able to read/interact with your wine using the touch screen, but entering another walled garden, now for grapes, is just not feasible. As for the "preserver" function of the product mentioned by @rickbreslin, I think the Coravin does a much better job by allowing for a naturally airtight "reseal" using the needle/cork method. That allows for storage for years/past 30 days. All of that being said, I'm a huge gadget head, so from a tech standpoint this is still pretty cool, I just can't see it really catching on with the majority of wine drinkers. Keep innovating though Kuvée, and build out your network of wineries!
@patrickryanlane box wine does the same thing with a vacuum sealed bag. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@joshuaarnao Look man! I'm going to buy this and put it in my internet fridge okay, sorted!
@joshuaarnao I just, I just want to hug you so much right now
@joshuaarnao You're rougher than I was. I almost said this was a solution in search of a problem, but the idea and execution looks good. Problem is just the limited amounts of wine that will be available. I did run into a wine maker in Southern OR that's been kegging his wines for restaurants and events. No bottle waste and he charges for exactly what people use. And being in the keg, its stable and lasts a long time. Seen a couple of other things like it. I think Di Arie had a wine ball that held 2-3 bottles in mylar and as you used it, the ball forced air into the surrounding ball. Tried finding a link but couldn't. We drink enough wine I almost bought a cruvinet system for our house. I'd rather be able to pick from a wine selection than have to finish a bottle before opening the next one. (Edit - didn't finish reading all the other comments. Someone else pulled the "solution in search of a problem" comment. Wasn't plagiarizing, if I'd see that comment first, I wouldn't have used it myself).
I've been using it in beta for 4 months and it truly elevates the wine experience. Highly recommend it.
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Glad to see this is already on here! https://twitter.com/internetofshit
@robbyedesign This Twitter account is pure gold. The world needs it. ha ha
As a wine "professional" this looks like a great idea, however my question is - Are you only buying wines from Kuvee in their special bottles for use with this? If so, really limited use.
@sacbookreviewer good question! You can currently only buy wine from Kuvee but the selection is expanding rapidly.
@sacbookreviewer Agreed. I would love this as a wine preserving alternative to Coravin, but we need a little more info about the source of the juice.
@rickbreslin I only see the limits. Having to convince a wine maker to use a different bottling system is going to be a bottle neck (ha! pun intended!) The end result might be great, but getting enough makers to be worth it will be the hurdle. (btw, like Hello Vino. Probably don't use it as much as I should, but nice app. We're working on a cellaring app for the way I taste and collect, figuring I can't be the only one with my interests and needs.)
Great job solving a big problem for "weekday evening" wine drinkers. However, I'm not sure I need a screen to tell me about the wine--I've got a $600 computer in my pocket that can do that :). You might be able to offer a lower cost version without the screen for a lower cost, thereby increasing your pool of potential customers.
@jakeanderson919 Agreed. I think this product's main potential is in the "preserver" category, or an upscale packaging alternative to box wine.
@rickbreslin @jakeanderson919 given a choice I would still take the box wine over an overprices gadget