Kukla kit

Huge pack of 3D elements accessible directly from Figma.

Huge pack of 3D elements accessible directly from Figma. All elements fit together. Just grab what you like for your project and make your own scene in no time.
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Hey guys! Finally we are launching first 3d product! πŸ˜‹ So here it is: Kukla kit - 3d graphic constructor. With more then 100 elements. You can use it as icon set or create small scenes/illustrations. All elements are customisable. Change color, add glossiness, add shadows - no problem. Also we've added different angles to objects so you can add more dynamic to compositions. Hope it will help in your projects and presentations. Enjoy! πŸ˜ƒ
@anton_mishin Congratulations Anton, this looks really well designed.
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wow. awesome product. absolutely love it.
@dileepd appreciate it! so glad to hear that!
Excellent! I love the style, clever way how to change colours of the elements in Figma.
@gardraw thanks a lot! yeah, this feature is a real time saver πŸ‘
great product. How you choose which elements to create first?
Can't wait to try this