KRUVE Sifter

Make every coffee taste better

KRUVE Sifter delivers the perfect grind size for whichever type of coffee you're making. Just pour in your coffee grinds, & shake. No more arbitrary measurements or uneven extractions. You get the exact grind size you need, every time. Allowing you to brew the best coffee.

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We bought the whole set of Kruve sieves for testing our grinder's particle distribution. It works really well!
Got this from Kickstarter last year, and it does its job well. The only thing is that it is a bit difficult to put the sleeves on. Overall it is a great product.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter and


Shifts the grind evenly to make a consistent cup of coffee

Beautiful product


Sleeve is a bit difficult to insert

I home roast multiple pounds of specialty coffee a week. I own most ways of brewing coffee as well, french press, aeropress, espresso machine, pour over, etc. While I like the idea behind this, because what they are saying makes sense, (and this is why people buy expensive grinders), there are a few questions that I have about a sieve product like this. What am I going to do with the grounds that aren't the Goldie Locks grounds? Toss them? I can't save them because they go stale nearly immediately. Do I make a drink with those, too (though they might not be the right size for another drink, or be enough for another drink)? Bigger still, how do I know what μm sieve to use? You're basically using whatever you've dialed your grinder into as the size you want, but I have no idea what sieve that corresponds to, do I'd have to spend some time logging what grinds on my grinder correspond to what sieve size. I like the idea, and I want it, but I know it'll increase my waste and I'll have to fiddle with it for a while to figure out what sieves to use (which is fine, but I could see my self putting it on a shelf and forgetting it, and for $117, that's too much).
@hellosmoore Not associated with Kruve, but I've done a lot of research on this (and learned a bit from their appearance on the "I brew my own coffee" podcast). Essentially, the idea isn't to remove all fines, or get just the goldilocks size. It's to have the *option* to tweak those things, and have additional control over your brew. You could in theory brew the coarse stuff for X seconds, then add the fines after a delay since they extract faster. Etc. Regarding knowing which micron filter to use, you should use the one that's appropriate for the brew method. This is my favorite use for the Kruve, simply knowing what size I'm actually grinding. "Table salt" vs "Sand" vs "Sugar" are all pretty hard to judge visually.

I've had the Kruve for a few months now. Build quality is great and the folks at Kruve are passionate and educated about what they do.


Provides a lot of additional control over your brewing, great design and build quality


A little tedious/time consuming for daily use