Find and share the coolest spots to work from, anywhere 👩‍💻


Krowspot is the place to discover and share the coolest places to work from in any city in the world.

If you can crash in with your laptop and work, it’s a Krowspot. Think cool cafes, public libraries, free coworking spaces…

Go to cool places to create something cool! 👩‍💻✨

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8 Reviews5.0/5

Great job! I really like it.


Very intuitive and really useful


Not really

Could do some improvements on alerting me when I’m done with the review, but the idea is great and there are tons of review criteria! 💪👌


Nice design, clean and easy to use


I don’t like that there are two steps: creating and then reviewing the place. I got confused

Enjoyed watching you two build this live. Would be useful to have on the homepage a top spots in each city for the biggest cities ie. London/Madrid so I can get to my city faster. Also maybe add "get a monthly update on spots in X" when you're on the search result for city X.


Very useful - I often want to work in new cities I travel to - Krowspot makes that quick and easy.


Needs more manually added places - Berlin only has 2 currently. A spot can only be a coffee shop or coworking space - many I know are both.

Amazing product, guys! Congrats!


Great product to look for suitable places to work once you arrive at a new city or even on your own, being sourced by locals is a plus