The monthly skateboarding subscription box

KrakBox is a bi-monthly subscription box for skateboarders. We support skate brands from around the world, to deliver a new mix of awesome products in every box. Discovery and happiness guaranteed!

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Interesting to see the Krak team applying the subscribtion model to the skateboarding space. I can vividly imagine the teenage version of myself counting the days until my next KrakBox arrives. Can you share what kind of products one can expect and how you'll go about building up demand?
@__tosh a huge thanks Thomas for the hunting and your comment! As you were a skateboarder you know better than anyone else how deep is this culture; that's the thing about skateboarding: it's way more than a sport, it's even more than an art, way more than a lifestyle, it's a way of seeing / thinking the world! Once you start skateboarding, you become part of something special. With the KrakBox we wanna send to people every month a part of this thing. It will be pure skateboarding gears (like wheels, grips, bearings...) but not only; we also send apparels and accessories (like tee-shirts, beanies, socks...); cultural stuff (hardcopy videos, magazines, photographer shots...) and every product we love as skateboarders (think about fisheyes for your smartphone, flasks...). We're already cooking some surprises with limited editions stuff, republication of symbolic items, signed ones and many more! Those 'special ones' will help to build up the demand. Skateboarders are passionate and we offer them with the KrakBox a new way to dig into their world.
Hey Hunters, I'm one of the maker of the KrakBox and I can tell you on behalf of the entire team: we're super happy to be back here with our latest product. The KrakBox is a dose of the (wild) skateboarding world at your doorstep every month. No matter who you are and how good you are; we frenetically pursue one objective: surprising you and get you excited every month! Only one thing matters once you'll unbox the thing: go out there and ride the street.
Well done @k7vin ! Do you plan to ship worldwide soon? Good luck!
@nicomage thank you man! Logistic wise it was simpler to focus on the US first but with an international community like ours, we're dying to expand the shipping worldwide. And I can tell you that Europe is coming soon.
@k7vin Cool! Can't wait!
@nicomage @k7vin I'm looking forward to seeing this in Australia. Seeing the anniversary video made me come and search this again, and I'm keen to see what's in the box once it hits Australia too!