Critical business metrics + competitive activity, on video.

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KPIspy simplifies the way in which business owners keep up with how their business is doing online and what their competitors are up to.

KPIspy customers get weekly video reports of everything that matters -- distilled and analyzed for their team in advance. By skipping the data dumps, dashboards, and noise, we get straight to what matters.

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Clayton William Griffith
Clayton William GriffithMaker@factoring_filthy · Co-Founder, FoundSimply & KPIspy
We're brand new and super excited about how KPIspy can change the way small and medium sized businesses utilize data that they're probably ignoring today to do better work. By employing business intelligence practices and data-monitoring that is common in larger companies but lacking in others, we aim to help business owners know more about how their team is doing, what's working, where there is ROI, and inevitably, to grow.