Kontainers 2.0

Freight shipping made easy

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Rob Kniaz
@robk · Partner, Hoxton Ventures
Julian Eison
@eison · Founder, Eison Triple Thread
Great concept . FYI, there is a typo on the homepage. "Suite"
Nic Guerra-Mondragon
@nicgdragon · Co-Founder of Tove & Biz Dev @Sincerely
@grahamtparker great UI! Where did you get your transit time and rate data from? Is there a company out there that offers an API?
Rebecca Lerner
@rebeccall80 · Product Lady
@typesfast made me think of you. Interesting potential. Hope you're well!
Lynn Fredricks
@lynnfredricks · President, Paradigma Software
How is this on west coast port trade with Asia? Given all the trouble with port deliveries in the last few years there could be a lot of interest if this adds more value than simply a dashboard.