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Kono is an interactive scheduling assistant for you and your guests. Syncs with multiple calendars, collecting answers of your guests, and even detects time zone differences. Kono for individual user is for free until you would like to.

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14 Reviews5.0/5
I love this! awesome!
Great product since we already use many fragmented tools for managing schedule like calendly.com - One question, what do you offer to the paid enterprise account compared to your free plan?
@markatsendbird With our enterprise version, we are providing more features, such as automatic meeting room management, admin dashboard for teams, and security features. Of course, better analytics and customization will be supported. However, basic scheduling features are available for every individual users!
YJ: How long do you expect this to be free?
@tomblue as long as our users would like to. As we are selling our enterprise version with various pricing plans, we don't have a plan to charge basic features for individual users. And they can teach our AI without human's customer services.
Looks pretty slick. How does it compare to x.ai?
@jcinsv It is faster and smarter for finding best time slots regarding event contexts. Please try it for free here. https://kono.ai
I still need to test in more real-world situations, but from what I've experienced right now you are doing an amazing job. Love the interface design - great fluid animations and user flow.