Play with your selfie. A new app from Path.

#3 Product of the DayApril 14, 2015
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We hope you enjoy. @davemorin & @dmierau
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@davemorin @dmierau cant wait till i try! in anyway related to path?
@davemorin @rrhoover I love the first try. one visible post per user & story-like conposition one layer deeper makes it quite engaging. I will keep using it today and share more thoughts!
@rrhoover @alexyoungkwon thanks! Let us know your feedback.
@davemorin @dmierau Great job on the whole "shipping on iOS and Android together" thing. Such a rare treat.
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@rrhoover @davemorin what was your reasoning on leaving one kong per channel? I thought all kongs were trailed to weave together a story of the day, but it turns out it's one kong per channel. *btw "kong" in korean means a "bean" really suitable for the bite sized photos 👍🙌
Can't wait to play with it! A question for Path: why another app? There's Path the social network and Talk the messaging app so why launch another app? Genuinely curious to better understand whether startups should invest in diversification vs focus
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@imkevinxu Definitely interested to hear your general thoughts here too @davemorin. :)
@imkevinxu last year at the beginning of 2014 we shifted our strategy to being a "multi-app" strategy. We think of ourselves as a studio, akin to a movie studio. Last year we released Talk, with the unique ability to talk to not just people but places as well. Each app is uniquely important to us, each a unique story. Consumer apps are hard, and it takes a lot of shots on goal (and a lot of failure) to be successful on a global basis. We find this is the best way to work for us.
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@imkevinxu @davemorin Awesome! There are a handful of labs being started and startups moving in this direction. One interesting & difficult question is: will you close shop on your apps that don't hit the goal? Or will you keep them around to build a wider app network?
@imkevinxu @ericwattage it totally depends on the app, where it is successful globally, how much it costs to run and continue to develop, and whether or not it is seeing continued growth and engagement. But, the short answer to your question is: we are not afraid to shut down things that are not working and move on to the next thing.
@imkevinxu @davemorin This is the same thing we ended up doing. While we do apps for clients, our in-house apps build on our own themes and portfolio. Each app has its own shot to grow, but also be be part of a larger bundle (literally in iTunes). Do more of what works, less of what doesn't. So you try lots of things, knowing some will work others won't.
Woohoo! Congrats, @davemorin and team. Although this is still focused on social communication, it feels much different than Path, the “social network”. How did you come up with the idea and where’s Kong going? P.S. I created a #producthunting channel to share some of your favorite products. Here are my B&W P5’s:
@davemorin @rrhoover I like the trend of these new bite-sized apps coming out of existing startups. Slack, Magic, are some of the more successful examples. Glad to see that path fosters the culture of trying new things
@davemorin @rrhoover In a way, this feel like a visual twitter among friends because it only shows the most recent kong from the user. This is quite fascinating.. hmm
@rrhoover @alexyoungkwon yeah, one of the problems that we wanted to solve was the "why did you blow up my feed" problem where users take over the entire feed. We also liked the idea that you are only ever represented by your one and current kong.
@rrhoover @davemorin That's quite genius. I feel like there can be so much more to be explored if not just branded as selfie-specific. I just posted a kong of my feet walking to the gym and it felt like the status msg on AIM msger back in the days. Really liking the product🙌👊
@rrhoover @alexyoungkwon that is "exactly" what we wanted it to feel like.
Here's a pretty straight up question: why does Path create all these cool apps that aren't Path? Don't your investors or team get sidetracked and discouraged by that?
@kurtybot I'm not a path user myself, but I really like this application. It could encourage me to use path as well, so this may work as a marketing tool.
@davemorin It love to try this but PLEASE explain to me why this is US Only/not available in Europe? I don't get why :(