Kong Legal Document Builder

A free and easy way to build legal documents for your store

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Hi Hunters, We’re back! We recently had the delightful (and unexpected) success of our new eCommerce platform, Kong, being posted on Product Hunt and enjoyed straddling the number 7 position on the Featured Tech list for a glorious day. This time we return with a new feature on our platform, that evolved into a useful standalone tool for creating legal copy for your own website policies; behold, the Legal Document Builder. We’ve put together some legal documents — written by bona fide lawyers — that anyone can edit and post on their website: Cancellation & Returns Policy, Disclaimer of Liability, Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Simply select the document you want, and change or review the sections highlighted in yellow. And, to make it super easy to use, you can just click the “Previous” and “Next” buttons to be automatically taken to the next yellow highlight. Then all you need to do is click the green “Done” button and we’ll give you the HTML to copy and paste straight into a WYSIWYG editor or your own code. It’s free for anyone to use, whether you have a Kong store or not. We hope you find it useful. Please reach out if you have any comments or questions — we’d love your feedback. Note: As we’re a UK-based company, these documents have been written with UK laws in mind.
@dg_robinson thanks!!! :D
@deambulando You're welcome :)
A must have tool for startups. Just added this to "StartUp Toolkit" collection! @dg_robinson Thanks for creating this builder and super thanks for keeping it free :)
@niteshmanav Thanks Nitesh! :D
A KING KONG product !
@walark *fist bump*
I am digging everything Kong is throwing out here
@jeffrey_wyman That's great to hear! Thanks Jeffrey :)
I'm a lawyer when I'm not being an entrepreneur. I am glad you are doing this. Once things become standard, they need to be as close to free as possible. We always share our privacy and term docs with other startups.
@dscornell Thanks Daniel! We wanted to provide something that not only our store owners could use, but anyone that needed some free legal documents for their website. We've had a really great response so far – way better than I was expecting!