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#5 Product of the DaySeptember 26, 2014
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Yay! Product Hunt Meetup Amsterdam let's GO!
@JulianGijsen Heuy heuy heuyy!!
Cool app, it's like a free spotify!
@woutlaban haha, we've heard that one before ;)
I just signed up for Kollekt.fm. First (quick) impressions: - Unique style. Feels different. - On-boarding is a bit demanding. When forced to select playlists, I had to randomly sample some lists to get a feel for them. Each one lacked much context about the playlist and the curators. - I'm left unclear on how this is significantly different than the many other social music services I use. I'd love to hear more about this from @JulianGijsen. P.S. This reminds me of 8tracks, a site and app for human-curated playlists of all genres.
@rrhoover thanks Ryan! The onboarding is indeed too much, we will definitely work on that soon. Great that you see the comparison with 8tracks; I'm well befriended with David and really believe in this approach! It just seems more logical to have a personal approach with music than has been the case so far!nnI'll be in touch later on, the PH meetup is in full effect over here in Amsterdam and I don't want to be the guy constantly staring at his phone ;) but it's great to be on PH and get your feedback! We welcome it all. 👊👌
@rrhoover Finally, in full (can imagine you're super busy with new hunts already but perhaps this will be useful for others). - Thanks for the compliment in regard to the style. We really try and create a visually stimulating interface for music. This can be cool for several reasons. One of them could be allowing you to completely customise the interface to your preferences, 'pinning' backgrounds you like. We also want to do more stuff with art in the future, giving new artists a canvas to exhibit on. Another cool thing we're thinking about is metatagging the backgrounds and then linking them to a global weather and geolocation API so that when you're in rainy Africa, the backgrounds will be different than when you're in sunny Scandinavia ;) Still far ahead on the roadmap, but we feel this can be a cool new approach to UX that allows us to surprise a user every single login. - The onboarding is now one of our top priorities. We recently zoomed in on one concept instead of the three concepts we were recently building. This should help us simplify things drastically (one of our biggest hurdles up till now was explaining quickly what it is kollekt.fm did). - Good question! May I answer it with another one: which social music services are you referring to? There are many and it is a bit too much to explain the differentiation in regard to every single one of them ;) A few things I can already think of in regard to most: • Combining YouTube & Soundcloud databases is something very few services do well - we feel there's a lot of room for improvement. • On most services, playlists are too static; we can't customise them, give them a human touch or interact with them as followers. • In general, most music services (especially the paid ones) just 'infused' their music libraries with social features. We want to turn that around and create a social platform where music is the content that people exchange. I'm usually not too fond of the "X for X"-comparisons, but the closest comparison I can think of is that of Instagram: what they do with photos, we want to do with music. And as I said: I love 8tracks and speak with David Porter (the founder) regularly. Our vision is very much the same but our approach differs in a couple of ways. Guess we'll just have to see who's 'right' in the long-term ;)
Great pitch today at the Amsterdam Product Hunt meetup. And @eriktorenberg thanks for the shoutout! :)
@thisisjorik @eriktorenberg is indeed super badass ;-) thanks for the compliment Jorik!
Really love the application!
@LiamTjoa thanks Liam!