Collect emails & phone numbers from inbox and comments

Kollect classifies and collects your users' messages and contact info (emails & phone numbers) from inbox and comments on your Facebook Pages.
You can create custom fields, automatic replies, download or send your leads to your favorite CRM via webhooks.
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Hi Product Hunt! This is my very first launch here ๐Ÿ˜…The idea came last year, when I ran a Facebook Ads campaign that generated hundreds of comments and messages from people giving me their e-mail and/or phone asking to contact them, and my boss told me that I had to collect all the users' data, put it on excel and send it to the sales manager ๐Ÿ˜–So I wrote an script, and months later, with my friend @cesar_hipolito we decided to create a web app to help other guys with the same problem. With Kollect you can: - Collect your users' Name, Email, Phone and Message from your Facebook Page's inbox and comments. - Validate the e-mail and phone number format, so you only collect valid information. Doesn't matter if your users type XXX-XXX-XXX or (XXX)XXX-XXX or +XXX XXX XXX. - Collect all the data in real time and also on demand (querying date ranges). - Create automatic replies to your leads depending on keywords or events. - Create custom fields to automatically classify your leads. - Export the data whenever you want on XLSX or CSV format. - Send your leads to your favorite CRM via our very simple webhooks.
Are you offering any free trial ?
@mikedane7 Hi Mike! We have a forever free Plan with very cool features, you can signup for free :)
Are you guys planning to do any lifetime deals? a lot of early products do it to gain initial traction as well as to get early stage feedback.