Energize & incentivize your team

Energize & Incentivize your team and gamify your day!
Kolleague is the ultimate team-incentivization app, giving your team the ability to race a car from their desk, using only the power of good-deeds, no gas needed!
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Hey folks! After months of development and much πŸ†Ž, πŸ˜…& 😭, I am delighted to share Kolleague, our very first Slack app, with the 🌏! We spent a long time looking, and ultimately found that all other employee recognition applications for Slack were overly complicated, or frankly, just a little bit dull! We thought we could do better, and so Kolleague was born! I hope that the description and our website makes everything clear, but if you need any help or a little more information about Kolleague, please just get in touch! We're definitely open to new ideas and would love your feedback and suggestions. Head on over to www.kolleague.io for a 60-day free trial! Cheers and enjoy! Sam
@sam_gray Love this type of creative ideas congrats!!
@ferid_movsumov Thanks! I really appreciate that, Farid. I am really keen to get feedback, so if there's anything you think I could improve or features you would like to see, please do let me know!
Looks like a fun way to reward/say thanks to co-wokers! Is there a limit on the amount of thumbs up that one person can give? Seems like the scaling would be off without that.
@dkb868 Thanks! Much appreciated πŸ˜€. Absolutely, each user has five (either πŸ‘or πŸ‘Ž) they can give in a day, and their allowance will reset at midnight in their local timezone. I'm so glad you like it, if you have any other questions, please let me know!
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We tried HeyTaco (expensive) PlusPlus (fragile) and many other slack integrations for recognition - all were way to complicated or had hidden costs. Kolleague hits the sweet spot.


It's fun, it's rewarding and super simple to setup.


Haven't found any yet.