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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 12, 2015

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When I was getting into programming, I had access to public computers at the library which were fast enough and great for what I wanted to get into but I didn't have one of my own. When I was trying to learn Rails and realized I needed to set up my environment, I bought a used laptop for $20 and installed Linux and the whole thing was such a massive pain. I think a lot about what it will take to get programming into the hands of those less fortunate, who need to learn these kinds of skills more than anyone, and this coding environment issue is the number one block in my head. Most people have access to a capable computer somewhere, but without the right setup, it's really tough and we want to eliminate hiccups that make people give up. I really hope this could help and I am going to be following closely.
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I'm a huge Cloud9 fan, and this also looks like it could be a great tool along the same lines. Could someone from the Koding team elaborate on what makes this different?
I wish this was a native Mac app :)
@jlejuwaan Have you seen fluidapp.com/. Easy to convert Koding into a native Mac app :) (PS. I work for Koding)
I don't like what they've done to this now. I was able to set up a free account at one point and just write some code in the cloud, now it's way too complicated for a high schooler like me and they got rid of the single person service. I wish it would come back, it made it so easy for me to work on the same projects at home and at school.