Kodama 3DGo is an instrument to create and play intuitively in 3D. As you move the 3DGo on top of the Holodock, you control 3D on a display. This enables instant creation in 3D. While not limiting users to a 2D mouse our touchscreen, this "3D mouse" allows users to reach their full creative potential.

  • Charles Leclercq
    Charles LeclercqFounder at Kodama Ltd.

    easy to use and powerful, it's a good way to bring vr type of interactions to casual users and players


    it's only early stage and I look forward to see more content

    It's an empowering feeling to be creating in 3D just by moving my hand in the air, without the need of a powerful pc or heavy VR headset, it's also collaborative since I can just connect it to my TV, everyone can participate!

    Charles Leclercq has used this product for one year.
  • Brendan Cawley
    Brendan CawleyDryGro, CTO

    Fun and interactive way to pay with virtual environments. Quick to learn


    Can't buy it yet. Kickstart is coming up soon so excited to finally get one

    I really enjoyed getting to try this system. Working in virtual environments is always a bit exciting but the way you can just pick up Kodama and start is a first for me. Very accessible, its work checking out. I've also seen kids trying it and they seem to love it.

    Brendan Cawley has used this product for one week.
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Alexei Levene
Alexei Levene@lexi2017 · co founder CU Wellness
really cool idea and motivated team. it will be interesting to see how this can applied as a tool for education as well as fun and hopefully it passes the test of being chewed on by kids!
Lucas Toohey
Lucas Toohey@lucastoohey · Founder of ObserVR | Boost VC Tribe X
This is awesome, I love the idea of a 3D mouse. I look forward to the content that emerges to support this tech!