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This looks like an amazing product. Finally a competitor to ?
@dskaletsky @alex_flom Quick question, how do you handle​ the email delivery? Any plans to implement SMTP support ?
I love to see the evolution of Knowtify. They took their starting product and evolved it into a full featured product full of features that fear no competitor. I'm curious to know a bit more :) I hope the guys at knowtify can shed some light ;) @dskaletsky how did you find the right path? Was there a moment you realized which way was the right one? (in this case, the in-app live notification center) @duilen what are the next steps? Right now the knowtify platform seems feature complete, is there some next stage to this, or some features that you think will also make a nice addition to this?
@andrea_sdl Thanks Andrea! I definitely wouldn't call Knowtify feature complete. We've definitely got a lot of functionality now and building more functionality is always a challenge not only from a development standpoint but also from a UX standpoint. My hope is that as we get closer to the feature set we believe Marketers really want then we'll spend more time as a company refining what we have and making our features easier to use. Here are some things I see us doing in the future. 1) Making the product more extendable. Knowtify is designed to be a marketer's tool but every app has custom needs so your tool needs to play nice with developers as well. 2) Better analytics. We've built the 2nd iteration of our reports and the 1st version of our people profile pages. This gives you a broad overview of your customers and a basic view of individual activity streams. Both of these areas need a lot of work so our users can explore data faster and pull out more useful information so they can make better decisions. 3) Expand into more marketing channels. 4) Better segmentation. There is so much more we could do here. 5) Better compatibility from top to bottom. This is everything from mobile support for InBox to IE support for our email/InBox editors. 6) Better integrations. There are a lot of data sources out there that we aren't tapping into for marketers. That needs to change.
@andrea_sdl hey Andrea - just catching up here. (getting posted on PH complicates the process of dropping the kids off at school in the morning :) Thanks for the great comments and questions! To be honest - who knows if we've found the "right path" - everything moves so fast today - just when you think you're on a good path, someone changes the terrain, or adds a new lane, or splits it into three. So...I guess we just try to stay true to our ultimate goal which is to provide Product Marketers (broadly) with a solution to more easily and effectively drive user engagement and retention (LTV). We think this is a major pain for all software marketers today and in the future, so we want to help with that. Along with the fact that customer messaging is currently spread across a ton of different applications (with much of it still buried in product) - making it very hard to do it effectively... The decision to build out InBox was based on a couple of things: (1) the notification center is the MOST engaging part of any product; (2) when it's a piece that has to be built, managed and maintained by engineering, it loses a lot of it's potential. So...we wanted to give product an easy solution for implementing this piece and give marketing a new channel for driving engagement. And then (3) there was some early customer feedback that helped push the decision/development. But, as @duilen mentioned - we really feel like we are just scratching the surface here....
I've used Knowtify to send some scheduled emails before; essentially replacing Mailchimp. The most awesome thing to me was how easy it was to use Knowtify's email template system, and how nice it looks. No matter what kind of emails you're sending with them, it's so simple to make them beautiful!
I've been a customer since the early days and seen it evolve to a great product! I don't think there is a competing product out there when it comes to ease of creating beautiful emails without any coding!
Missing a free plan for developers
@magnusburton it is missing a free plan for developers. But, I've designed it so you can embed the widget in your app and use javascript to build and trigger your own messages. The down side is you'd have to manage message logic on your end but the up side is it's free ;) I plan on writing a Medium post to talk about how you can hack the InBox javascript to build your own free notification center. I've also started building a plugin system for InBox so developers can load in 3rd party scripts to extend the functionality of the plugin. One use case I envision for this is a tool that lets you ask users for NPS ratings. Short in-app surveys would have much less friction than sending an email that someone has to click on and go somewhere else to complete the survey.