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Dear Product Hunters, Knowleey is a tool which is going to cut your support emails and create a searchable FAQ for you customers. We've been working on it for a few months. Since it's beginnings, it was in closed BETA, but now available in full featured BETA. We offer FAQ pages customization (fit Knowleey to your page!), CNAME and iFrame integration, multi-language, multi-users and much more features for base price of $12.99 (+ additional plugins and themes). Don't be afraid to try our live demo ("Live Demo" button on home page) and then register and try all features. In case of any questions, drop us a line to Cheers!
14 days isnt not long enough to test a knowledge curation tool. A month would be more flexible and comprehensive.
@redpuppy Hello. Thre is no problem for you to try it for a month. Just sign up, and we will contact you to extend your free trial! Happy Knowleeying!
What is 'auto-updating' about it? Product page doesn't explain that element well.
@jcwinter Hi Justin. It saves previously asked questions and makes them searchable for customers. Pretty much different than standard FAQ html approach (I was personally creating plain HTML FAQs for each project which was pain for updating). Good Luck!
Since Knowleey's website has been down for a long time... if others are coming across this and are looking for something similar... – Generate a beautiful FAQ & help site in minutes. We were #1 of Product Hunt –
Are you planning to integrate with other tools (i.e. helpdesks)? What if someone can't find an answer, how do they request help? On the homepage you suggest companies can "save up to $20,000 on calls", interested to know how you got that number?
@gadgick Hey Nick. I'm really happy that you are interested in Knowleey. Currently, we have no plans to create integrations for helpdesks (not in the near future). However, I will put that in our queue and inform you as soon as possible. 2. What happens when user can't find answer? User gets contact form to ask question and that question is sent to the owner of Knowleey account. After question is answered, customer is informed about that (name, email and question are needed) 3. When it comes to $20000 - those are wages (per year) for standard support team (working part time) for low-budget startups. We cut that off and calls too. This can vary up to $100000 depending on a startup, but 20k is average Hope you understood. In case of any other questions feel free to ask here or send to our support center - When it comes to future plans and so, please contact me at Cheers