Know Your Worth

Know how much people are getting paid

#3 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2020
Know how much people are getting paid.
This product is based on #KnowYourWorth tag in Twitter.
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Nice job! Unfortunately, the #KnowYourWorth template doesn't include how many hours per week one must commit to for a given salary. That would help put things into perspective.
@mike_cataldo Hi, I've been working on that includes workload and other interesting data as gender and age.
I see I was not the only one having that idea 🙈 I built something similar that allows to search in a certain region and to filter on some criteria as well (but with anonymity in mind too). This is very raw but I'd be happy to have your thoughts about it:
@valentin____ much more interesting, but still missing the much important normalizing of the actual salaries into some stable coin or something (please, don't normalize it into fiat, by default!).
Would love to see this data aggregated as well in simple graphs.
How do you know the tweets are legit ?
@jimzakapar Same way I know you aren't Will Ferrell.
Simple & Cool!