Know Your Worth

Find out if you’re being paid fairly.

In Know Your Worth people share their salary in an anonymous way to help fight against pay inequity, to bring salary transparency and expose discrimination.
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What is KnowYourWorth about? KYW is an anonymous way for people to openly discuss their wages because I believe that sharing salary is the best way to eliminate existing pay gaps in society. How I came up with KYW? A few months ago a friend of mine got a job in a big company in the USA. She was suspecting that she was being underpaid because of being a woman and from Uruguay. After talking with some colleagues they created a spreadsheet where everyone from that company could share their salaries, sector, years of experience and gender, but no name. So everyone could see if they were being paid fairly comparing to others in similar situations without being identified. I thought it was a great idea, everyone should have something like that in their company, salary transparency helps everyone. Why did I decide to build KYW? - Talking about your salary can be considered taboo. But how do you know if you’re being paid fairly without salary transparency? - Discussing your salary information with your coworkers can lead to serious problems at work. While it's not technically illegal to discuss your salary, this talk could damage your workplace environment and get you in trouble with your employer. - You’re starting at a new job and trying to understand how much you should earn. - The gender pay gap, also known as the gender wage gap, is one of the most pervasive financial issues for women in America. In 2017, women in the U.S. earned just 82% of what men earned. How KYW solve those problems? - Sharing salary has proven to help eliminate existing pay gaps in society, including gender pay gaps and pay gaps between different social, economical and ethnic groups. - Knowing what others in the same situation or similar roles earn can give you a sense of your worth without having to ask a colleague. - Transparency can expose discrimination. We can find a trend of certain classes of employees being paid less than others, such as a gender or age group. If you are interested in seeing what other people in your similar situation are earning or you are happy with your salary but you want to support equality, you all are invited to visit KnowYourWorth. I'd appreciate any kind of feedback or support spreading the word. Thanks!
very intuitive use. Love it!
@claire_lavaud Thanks! glad you like it!
Great idea, I think a lot of people will find this useful :) also left a few annotated comments here about your landing page incase its of interest, cheers! --
@tom4 Thanks for your comment and feedback!
excellent project! Impressive that you have so many salaries.
@petecodes Thanks for your support! I shared it on reddit a week ago and it reached the home page ( That night I collected 8k+ salaries, was crazy.
Thank you for sharing. This is a really amazing tool. And I can see the usefulness of the data.