Know What's In Your Soap

Discover the hidden toxic ingredients in your detergent

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Amazing lead gen campaign. Respect 👍
@yo Thanks troy! Appreciate the comment
When is this coming to Europe?
@stijnbe We'll be building out Europe in some updates later this year! If you have any friends in the soap industry, let us know:)
Cool! Where does the data come from?
@frank_denbow great question, Frank. All of our data is sourced from the Environmental Working Group.
Nice site! Congrats on the marketing hack. I wonder if you could also do an infographic to summarize the results by most popular brands.
@pierrebecerril Great idea! Yes, I will have t0 add that in an upcoming update :)
Beautiful product + site (shout out to whoever made it!) Good luck on the rest of Clean Cult.
@christinagee12 Hi Christina! Thanks for the shoutout - we appreciate the compliments!