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#3 Product of the DayMay 04, 2014
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I recently discovered Knotch and was fascinated by their ambitious attempt to create an opinion-sharing community. Their approach involves using color as a social gesture that communicates the sentiment of your opinion non-verbally. It's an interesting take given that text often lacks context and leads to really awkward interpretations. What are your thoughts? The founders will check this thread today if you have questions and feedback. cc @agansca
I remember playing w/ Knotch a while ago and to be honest, it didn't stick with me. The 2.0 update released a few weeks ago looks more compelling. @agansca - how are most people using it?
@rrhoover 2.0 is a lot more personal. We realized people weren't knotching for the sake of it but because Knotch gave them a platform to connect with like-minded folks. So most people use it to meet and have conversations with like-minded folks
@agansca I really like the idea behind Knotch. Right now I'm using the web version and I love the design and how it works. Later I will download the iOS version. I will give you my opinion as soon as I can!
Awesome, can't wait to hear your thoughts.