Launch online stores for selling courses and content

Knorish is a platform to launch online stores for selling courses and content. Trainers, coaches, instructors and experts can now build their own stores to monetize their content. Use existing pdfs, ppts, word files, videos, youtube content, prezis, podcasts..
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With passive income and parallel entrepreneurship becoming more and more recognized and appreciated, it's cool to see a platform like Knorish helping you do just that.
@pollock Thank You Tristan for hunting Knorish! Knorish is an all in one platform that enables you to successfully build, launch and sell their online courses with their own brand. With the paid product launched in April 2018, Knorish is an all-in-one platform that enables businesses, experts, professionals, artists, instructors, specialists, coaches, people seeking work from home opportunities, and others to build their entire online business. Winner of the MICROSOFT BizSpark Startup Award in 2017, Knorish offers a host of easy to use features that allow publishers to get their online academies up and running within hours. As an all-in-one knowledge commerce platform, the platform has an in-built course builder tool that allows you to quickly upload your course content and launch the online course, a website builder tool that offers easy drag-and-drop action to create stunning websites, pre-designed custom website themes that allow you to simply change the images and the content and your website is ready to go live. The platform has been specifically designed keeping in mind the needs of Publishers and their learners. As such the platform also offers several pre-integrated payment gateways to collect payments via most used payment options such as digital wallets, internet banking, debit/credit cards, and PayPal as well. The platform also offers the option to publishers to charge their courses in INR and USD. With over 200+ publishers already active on the platform, several success stories exist of artists, designers, experts, bankers, professionals and businesses who have launched and built successful online academies using their knowledge. We believe this is the future of online learning where knolwedge and skills are shared by those who have it with those want it all completely online...
Clean and super easy to use, love the interface of the product! Website theme library was a nice touch! So far love the product, will share more but so far loved and have already signed up on their free plan!
Loved the drag and drop feature, very intuitive and absolute breeze to build websites.
Its a great tool to launch your online knowledge commerce website. Smart and easy!
Great job!!😊 Will check it out! How's the pricing system here as I'm gonna be coming on board for my venture
@ayushchandra We have publisher and enterprise plans based on what you need. There's a free-for-life plan as well that you can use to try the platform out.... And then if the need arises, use the paid plans as per your requirements.... Check out our pricing options: