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Thanks for the add! It's very exciting to be on product hunt. I hope you guys like the product we've released. Sorry for the delay in responding - it's been a very busy CES. We decided to make Knock for one main reason - no one was thinking about the family in the connected home. There's more than one user in the household - why does every app only support one? We decided to have the idea of sharing and control as a foundation in our app. We aimed to ensure our app had an intuitive dashboard that unified your services and made it easy to share and control those services to your family. We're planning on adding new services on a very fast cadence - it would be great to hear from you which connect home or IoT services you would like to see. Your feedback is appreciated. Anything to make a better experience for our users. Cheers, Sumit
None of the links to articles for this app on the website work. Anymore information on it? Looks interesting.
@unseenvision Thanks for the feedback Patrick. We decided to use medium to host our blogs - I'll check with our team to ensure that there are links are functional. Hope you like the app!
We've released an update to the app for iOS, Android and the web. Did a whole bunch of bug fixing, house cleaning and made the app a bit faster. Please download the update and tell me what you think...