Find a tutor that aced your exact class

Knack is a local marketplace for peer-to-peer college tutoring

I would have definitely used this in college. UX and UI is spot on, super easy to use. Like uber for tutoring.
@luizcent thanks so much! That's our focus. @dmaczor crushes the UI/UX game 👌
I think it's a very interesting market niche. The business is absolutely suitable for a scale-up and the experiences with sites such as Lynda, Udemy etc. make easier to implement the business model and operations. In Italy we have a similar startup called "Tutored" ( , maybe you can find some sort of partnership. Good Luck!
@nick88msn thanks! Will definitely take a look at Tutored!
Really digging the idea! Nice website, and the UI looks slick... EDIT: Unfortunately, it seems like it's only live in the US for now. Couldn't find my university, in London.
@anthony_abitbol appreciate the kind words! We really focus on building an experience our users will love. We'll make our way over to London soon 😄
@anthony_abitbol Thanks! We want to be international as soon as we can. We'll keep your school in mind!
@samyr Great! Is there a way to get notified when that happens?
@anthony_abitbol sure! Drop me a line at and I'll keep you updated!
Congrats! I remember when you were pitching this a year and a half ago at Startup Weekend. It's awesome to see all the progress you've been making. Really love the idea and so far been amazed by you/ your team's execution!
@mazlix thanks for the support Justin! Hope all is well with you!
Crazy great idea, wish it were around when I was still at UF. Beautiful UI/UX tooo, really happy to see UF students make waves in the tech-ed world.
@heyzeus_najera appreciate the kind words, thanks for the support!