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Rule-based automatic time-tracking

#2 Product of the DayMay 15, 2019
Klokki was created to solve an annoying issue that many freelancer and makers face, which is forgetting to start and pause a timer, during the work. The solution is automation, but we knew that people still want to control what should be tracked. Enter — rule-based automatic time-tracking.
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Hello everyone! I'm Stas the Founder and Designer at Klokki. I am very excited to launch today and present to you Klokki the rule-based time-tracking for freelancers and makers. Our goal was to make time-tracking convenient and finally remove the need to start or pause a timer. Being a freelancer myself, time-tracking was always something that's in the way because you constantly need to think about it. And yet, it is still very important to have. To put it simply — time = money. So we thought, how can we solve that? Automation is, of course, the first thing that comes to mind. But all the tools that provide automatic time-tracking also take away the control over what I actually want to track and make the whole process of linking time to a project cumbersome. Therefore we've created "Auto-Tracking" which gives you the possibility to configure specific rules for your tasks. With this, you are able to tell Klokki that it should start tracking, as soon as you start working on file-x, or open site-y, or the combination of those two. We've included a variety of options that will give you endless configuration possibilities. But besides the Auto-Tracking capabilities, we also wanted to retain the advantages of manual time-tracking. Hence you still will able to use the traditional start/pause controls. This way you have the perfect balance of automation and full control over your timekeeping. And here are also some of the other features that Klokki has: * Reports that help you visualize and review your data * Flexible folders and tasks structure, which makes it super easy to manage your projects * Klokki lives in your Menu Bar with a convenient mini-tracker * Works offline * Beautiful design, that is natively built for the Mac * Billable hours are also coming very soon * …and much more I am looking forward to reading your feedback and questions, and hope that you'll give Klokki a try by downloading the free 30-day trial at klokki.com. We really put a lot of time, effort and love into developing the app, and hope that you have a great time with it! And to celebrate the launch — Here is a promo code that will get you Klokki 50% off. Use it in the checkout process on the pricing page: FE29B073 Thank you all in advance! --- P.S. For the purpose to clear things up in advance — Klokki is a relaunch of the Timepal project, which ended because of a split between co-founders. Therefore I apologize for any confusion this might cause you. And if you are a previous Timepal Pro user, you can switch to Klokki for free. Just write to me at contact@klokki.com to receive the license. I am happy to answer any questions you might have.
@klokki @moorstas Well done Moor, great tool 👏🏽
@osamah_aldoaiss Thank you so much for your support Osamah!
@klokki @moorstas Congrats on the launch. Klokki looks great indeed. Love the PH GIF 😍
@klokki @moorstas Good job on this one! Kudos :) All the features of a time tracker are precisely set in the app, great!
@deadcoder0904 Thank you, Akshay! Great to hear that you like the app and the GIF — it was fun to make 😃

Been using klokki for a while now and I really love it. Creating rules for autotracking is pretty easy and klokki just works which is amazing! One of the issues I had with tracking apps was forgetting to stop the clock when I left my desk, but klokki solves this problem beautifully! If you stopped working on something for more than x minutes (you can set it up) klokki will popup a window and asks if you want to stop the timer on that​ time. Press a button and done! So yeah can't really point anything wrong with the app. Great work 👍


Great way to keep track of different projects and tasks with auto tracking​!


Could be good to have some templates for auto tracking (but it's going to be implemented it seems 👍)

I have been working with Klokki for a while now and I loved it. It helped me keep track of the time spent on client projects. Exporting my reports to send to the client is easy as a breeze 🌊


🗄Great way to categorise workflows and track the amounts worked on those tasks 💻Great UI 📊Great Reporting feature


Nothing I can think of right now

Being able to switch between apps and projects knowing that Klokki will take care of tracking everything is SO worth it. It boosts your productivity and lightens your work routine by making you forget about tracking time - you’ll still have all your reports whenever you need them. It just works as you expect, and that’s kind of amazing
@jacopo_ranalli Oh wow! Thank you so much, Jacopo! This is such a detailed comment! Appreciate the support! 🤝
Cool tool for help in job management :)
@david_clifford9 Thank you, David! Happy to hear that you like the app 🎉