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Listen to any track on youtube on this Mac App

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Nice! @cedriking ! What inspired this?
Thank you, Ohad. While browsing YouTube, it's sometimes hard to find new music and to discover artists that are not already on our YouTube homepage. On the other hand, iTunes always update its list of top artists and songs. So we tried to merge iTunes and YouTube together and from that Kiwi was born. I want to thank everyone who upvoted us and I hope you like Kiwi Music Player. If you think of a great feature, discover a bug or want to share a comment or suggestion, please let us know.
Pretty excited to check this out. I think the idea of building a music service-agnostic music collection is a really important one that no one's really nailed yet. While YouTube videos tend to have the worst sound quality vs. streaming services, this concept is still a great start. It's great to see products like Kiwi step up to fulfill current needs in music discovery today with what's already widespread. This execution is one of the closest products that currently exists in approach of that very ideal vision of what, for example, imagines on the other side of things. I like that lyrics are included in the main view. Another nice to have would be mapping to the MacBook music keys like Spotify's desktop app. Related: I also use the front page of to discover music and related service as a YouTube-based music library.
I've been waiting for something like this! Looks great. Question - how is the search implemented? For instance, if I can find a song on Youtube but not on the app - what is the reason?
Thank you for your comments and upvotes. @Itamar as we want Kiwi to be only a music app we need to sort the normal videos from the music videos, also as we want that people find new music we currently use the iTunes API to search and sort music, then the video is shown from the YouTube API, that's why some music videos don't appear, if the music is not on iTunes, for now, it's not on Kiwi. But we are already working to implement other music stores/databases to be able to have a larger amount of tracks and better search results.