This non-electric fountain is the most cat-friendly solution to your fluffy’s 2-day supply of fresh water. Featuring a wide and shallow dish, it entices your cat to drink water in a maximally comfortable way, without ever stressing their whiskers.
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Hey Product Hunters! Rayman here, founder of Desimore Inc. and creator of KittySpring. The idea to create this unique fountain came to me a year ago. It all started with the sudden kidney disease of my cat, Oscar. After finding out that dehydration was what caused my kitty to suffer, I decided to put an end to this problem once and for all. As a designer, I cooperated with vets to create a fountain that would take into account their anatomy and natural preferences. The result was KittySpring with its super whisker-friendly dish enticing cats to drink more in the comfiest way. Providing a 2-day water supply and featuring stable support, the fountain is a lifesaver for cat parents too: no more need to refill the water bowls during the day and no more puddles on the floor. The non-electric KittySpring—made of 100% non-toxic, FDA and RoHS certified materials—uses gravity to keep the dish always full for your fluffy. With this one fountain—that helped my Oscar get back to his feet—we want to share health with thousands of cats and keep them away from dehydration issues. Your contribution as a pet lover will be invaluable in turning this goal into reality. Feel free to ask me any questions or make comments.
@rayman_wu Hi Rayman! What a good-looking cat fountain you've got there 😊 I'm a cat parent of 2, and we have an electric fountain at home because I've heard cats like to drink running water. One of our cats is a tap drinker, so the electric fountain seemed like the best option at the time. Do you think my cats would also like your fountain, even though the water is not running? 😸
@elineqc We designed KittySpring to be non-electric, based on our researches, which have shown that actually the fact that cats like to drink only running water in some extent is a myth. Non-electric fountain makes life easier for the cat owner. It's easy to wash, there are not parts that can break. And also the dish of the fountain is shallow, which is comfortable and doesn't stress cat's whiskers.
What about DoggySpring for dog-people?:) I'd like to buy one
@oleg_avrah Hey Oleg, you can use KittySpring for your dog, but only if your dog is small and drinks the same amount of water as cats, i.e. almost 0.8oz/lb daily. Bigger dogs will need their fountain to be refilled more often.
@rayman_wu I have American Akita. Too big dog for KittySpring))
A good discovery. How much?
@molly_barton it's running at $35 now on kickstarted. It's on my wishlist as well :)
@molly_barton @radumeghes Glad you like it :) Hurry up, our super early birds can be sold out anytime :)
It is interesting. I can suggest to make the container in different sizes.
@michael_mirzoyan Thank you for your feedback, we made KittySpring so it's perfect both for large and small cats.
Nice video 💯 I don't have an animal so I'll comment on the marketing :)