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We just launched our first Slack bot. A few people in the community have made awesome PH-powered bots already, like @hellobrent’s Product Slack which sends you the day’s top upvoted posts and @suruwat’s Cowboy bot that gives you the ability to search Product Hunt within Slack. We decided to extend Topics, which we launched a few months ago, and create a bot to help makers, reporters, investors, and teams stay up-to-date with what’s launching in their industry. Add Kittybot to your Slack here and select one or more topics you’d like to follow, including Bots, Internet of Things, Drones, Virtual Reality, Developer Tools, Venture Capital, Open Source and a bunch of others. Eager to get everyone’s feedback! P.S. we’ll send a PH Swag Pack one to discover the cat-related easter egg. 😸
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@rrhoover Perfect timing for our latest topic: BOTS!
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@rrhoover Awesome idea @rrhoover How was the process developing a Slack bot? Any plans to bring it to other bot channels like Messenger or Skype? 😺
@bentossell @rrhoover We are loving this topic too. Totally converted to Slack and love integrations (and bots) that make it even more useful.
@rrhoover @hellobrent Does this bot monitor for someone hunting your URL? That would be an amaaaazing feature for Kittybot!
Product Hunt everywhere! And you get a Product Hunt bot, and you get a Product Hunt bot!
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@calc lol yesss!!!!
Meowvellous 😼
Interesting take on a Product Hunt bot. Definitely makes it different from the other ones and it has very nice use cases.. I love the /cats slash command 😍
@aditya_shirole YOU WIN! That's the easter egg I hinted at. Please shoot me an email (ryan at producthunt.com) with your address and we'll send you a Swag Pack. 😊
@rrhoover i hope you ship to India 😉
@rrhoover @aditya_shirole definitely need to intro a /meow command ;-) Good stuff!
Bots, bots, bots! Patiently awaiting the FB Messenger version. Loving the Slack version until then. Great work! Love the /kitty command! 😻