Kitten Tricks

A React Native UI starter kit with 40+ screens

Kitten Tricks – perfect starter kit based on React Native and UI Kitten library with Light and Dark themes support. Compose the application from 40+ available screens, add backend integration and you will get an A-grade cross-platform mobile application.
Diogo Palhais
Nehaychik Dmitry
Ksenia Goron
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    Design system based. Really neat styles and a lot of amazing icons. You are doing nice stuff, guys! thanks!


    will let you know if find any

    Cool collection

    Ekaterina Taraykovskaya has used this product for one day.
Hey PH community! Please welcome our next addition to the Eva Design System family - React Native UI Kitten with a beautiful starter app - Kitten Tricks. The primary feature of UI Kitten components is to simplify the development process providing easy-to-use React Native components styled stunning out of the box. It also includes a nice and powerful theme system, which allows quickly modifying components or even building your own with ease. Dark Mode theme included!
looks cool just checked it out, good work!