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Kitemaker is a super-fast issue tracker built for teams and not managers. We have spent months working closely with startups to create a new type of issue tracker that helps team engage and improves collaboration.
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Hey! πŸ‘‹ After months of development, we're finally ready to show everyone what we have been working on! Kitemaker was built after years of working in and managing high performing teams. We noticed that in general people didn't like the Jira's and Trello's and getting a team with designers, developers, and product people engaged in the tools was hard. Therefore, we built Kitemaker to have a great user experience, so everyone on the team will like to use it, but also to not make it about managing people or work, but focusing on improving collaboration between team members. To get started, you can either import your issues from Github or create a new space by importing your Trello board. Head over to to start using it for free today! πŸŽ‰ We'll be here to answer your questions :)
Registered! It seems to have a lot of potential. Although I feel that is missing the opportunity to manage more than one team. Overall I like it! Faster to use than other tools, better descriptions of the issues, giving more context to them and feels similar to be playing a game with so many "tricks" Good luck!
@solerbor Thanks for the feedback! The tool is always improving, so if it isn't right for you now, then please come back and try it again later. To manage more than one team today, you can create a space for each team.
Hey Kitemaker team! First impression is that it looks really great. I see you mention integration with GitHub, will integration with GitLab be supported? Would be great to see the roadmap. What is the pricing model?
@jknlsn Hi Jake! Thanks for the feedback! Yes, GitLab integration is in the plans, we simply started with GitHub since that seems to have the largest user base. We don't have a date yet, but if you've registered you'll get our changelog. We're free right now, but will add pricing soonish. It will then feature a free tier to enable teams to try it out, and a quite standard pricing per monthly active users.
@kitemaker awesome. I'll keep an eye on my inbox!
Congrats on the launch! We're using Kitemaker for tracking issues at Mailflow. We love that it's way faster than using Github Issues or a Trello board.
@henningsillerud Great to hear you're happy with our product!
Currently using Kitemaker to map out my roadmap for a new service. It's incredibly fast compared to anything out there. I really enjoy CMD + K to learn new shortcuts. Thanks for a great tool
@sebastian_berge Very happy to hear you're happy with our product!