Kite Compositor

A UI animation and prototyping application for Mac & iOS


@ios_javi · iOS App Designer/Entrepreneur
A Sketch plugin would be awesome 🙌🏽
Jamie Shoard
@jamie_shoard · Design/Founder Combo Studio
Excited to give this a proper go. Looks incredibly powerful. Principle really got me hooked because of it's learning curve and the fact it did 1 type of prototype extremely well. For me, my thinking has always been along the lines of 'if you cant recreate the whole prototype from scratch in an hour, you're probably building out too much'... because the natur… See more
@danielrakh · iOS Developer & Designer
Awesome. Reminds me a lot of Principle. Besides the UI, are there any other differences between this and Principle? In other words, whats the case for me to switch over from Principle to use this?
Catalin Pop
Impressive. Is there a way to export those animations to the real app?
Excited to finally share this to a wider audience!