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Solving online harassment

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Kite AI uses machine learning to detect abuse and harassment through an easy to use API.

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Alex Meza
Alex MezaMaker@the_alex_meza · CEO of Kite AI
Thanks for the hunt @marianoavila! The goal behind Kite AI is simple. We want to not only establish people's freedom of speech, but we want to introduce their freedom to listen. We are working towards creating an internet that is truly open for anyone to share their thoughts, without the fear of harassment or cyberbullying. As the world gets more and more connected, the outlets for online toxicity also continue to grow, and with Kite AI, we hope to provide developers with an easy to use API that will protect their users from needless harassment.
Andrew So
Andrew So@andrewdixonso
@the_alex_meza looks great! How do you anticipate the API to be used? Is Kite looking for keywords, analyzing tone, tracking antagonistic users?
Justin Potts
Justin PottsMakerPro@pottsjustin · Co-founder of Avenify
@andrewdixonso Hey Andrew! We’ve designed the neural network and API to be as customizable as possible. We’re working on finishing up some features that make this possible, which includes sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and entity analysis so developers and partners can tailor their response to the outcome.
Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre Mouriec@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
Online harassment is a big problem on the Internet so I am really happy to see that Kite AI is trying to solve this issue 👏 From the bottom of my heart, thank you 🙏. I hope you are going to help the kids and teens who are facing online harassments and help their parents stop that. The fact that you are part of the generation which I think deals a lot with harassment is IMO a good thing because you will be able to improve the product based on what our generation faces while at the same time build a tool to stop any kind of online harassment. I hope many products will integrate your API in the near future 🙌 Thanks Mariano for sharing this project on Twitter a couple of months ago 👍
Hussein shtia
Hussein shtia@hussein_shtia · CEO Xcopy Inc / Data Scientist
I will Like to try
Justin Potts
Justin PottsMakerPro@pottsjustin · Co-founder of Avenify
@hussein_shtia Great! You can create an account for free at, and create a free app. It'll be limited to 5,000 requests per month, but if you need more you can create a pro app for $1.20 per 1,000 calls billed at the end of every month. Check out for the quickstart instructions and information on how to get started.