Kite 2.0

The smart copilot for programmers. Now available for Python


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Andrea Di Marco
Oleg Skliarenko
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  • Pros: 

    cool looking autocomplete


    questionable ethics

    -the autocomplete is very cool

    But this is more than undermined by other people's reports that it:

    -has a record of sending information without telling you *ahem* sublime text *ahem*

    -total lack of transparency when absorbing open source projects... all of a sudden the project is just sending out your personal info and serving you ads... "features"

    -they refuse to listen... they insisted on keeping their "features" up until everyone had enough and outright left for another fork

    I saw an ad for this and wanted to use it, but after even cursory research, it seems to me like something I don't want to associate with. But don't take my word for it... read for yourself and decide if it's worth it.

    Kelvin Wang has never used this product.