Kiss my Score - World Cup Russia 2018

Join your Friends on a Social Competition for the World Cup


Kiss my Score is a new way to live soccer (football).

It’s a simple and fun football prediction app where friendly competition is more than welcome.

Finally, fans have a way to interact with soccer (football) bringing back its social origin.

*World Cup 2018 Live Scores

*Leagues - Play against friends

*Group chat

Join the World Cup Edition!

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Marketing Manager

I loved that Kiss my Score is a super easy to use app, fun and appreciates the social part of soccer! It allows me to create leagues, invite my friends and talk with them on the chat. Love it!! Congrats!


Social Community to live the soccer experience in a totally unique way!


Nothing that I spotted yet!

Build Up Labs

I really enjoy following football games with my friends and chatting with them during the matches. Although Whatsapp is a fun place to do chatting part, in Kiss My Score I can both follow my betting stats and and have even more arguments to chat in-app... This also cleans up a bit my whatsapp spam. ;)


Kiss My Score makes it easy and fun to make football bets with friends. We can create groups to compete in and have fun conversations!


Can't put the buy in money for the competition winner straight in-app, although it's already cool to have a points-system giving me status.

High Intensity Sports Trainer

The app is great to create groups of friends through football. It is also great to compete in a friendly way with your friends and keep beating them πŸ˜†


Create leagues, invite my friends, chat with them.


I sometimes wish I could make my profile a little bit more appealing