KingKong Pro

Carbon fiber dual motor electric skateboard

KingKong Pro is a carbon fiber electric skateboard: 22 mph, 12.5 miles, 25% incline, waterproof. Single motor is $299, Dual motor is $399.


  • Kristofer™#7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic

    Great specs and price: 22 mph, 12.5 miles, waterproof. $299 single motor, $399 Dual.


    Non so far

    Looking forward to testing one out!

    Kristofer™ has never used this product.
  • Kartik DadwalFounder at Questionsly; UCLA MBA

    looks pretty slick. I like that it has beginners mode for people like me.


    none so far

    I would probably want to get one if lived in SF.

    Kartik Dadwal has never used this product.


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Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #7 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
This board looks amazing for the price. $399 for a dual motor carbon fiber deck is nuts. Great specs are far as speed and range too. I've had some simple wear and tear on my other boards where the plastic parts on the bottom and motor eventually crack and carbon fiber seems like a perfect fix for that issue. The handle on the top seems a great way to carry it around. It might not seem super important at first glance, but you can't ride it everywhere, you end up carrying the board inside and around a lot and it usually seems like an afterthought for most boards when you have to carry the 15-20lbs board by the trucks on your side. Size - I like that this is slightly smaller than other boards. Unsure how much that will impact a comfortable, stable ride that the longer boards offer. But smaller and more portable seems like a good thing. Waterproof - Awesome. Dodging puddles and getting caught in some rain when you're out is stressful and annoying when the board isn't waterproof.