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#4 Product of the DayAugust 22, 2017
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Sign NDA to use beta version? What. The. Fuck. ???
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@josefrichter Sorry, once we have our official release, these little nuisances will go away:)
@josefrichter @clbecker This contract is likely unenforceable, but I won't be signing an invalid contract any sooner than I will be a valid one on something like this!
@josefrichter Yeah, too weird for me. Too bad
@josefrichter @clbecker @andym_dc Yep, not signing an NDA to try something out. Screenshots look neat, though. Sounds like someone probably violated the NDA to post them ;-)
@josefrichter Ouch. 'Tis bizarre tho. smh
This product is fantastic. I've been using it for a few weeks to map out user journeys, product roadmaps, and interaction flows amongst other things and it's faster than anything I've encountered before. The real time collaborative editing is also a plus, although I haven't had much opportunity yet to experiment with it too heavily. There are a few loose ends as is to be expected. The onboarding will certainly improve over time, but the tool is so fast and easy to use that you can quickly get up to speed in the span of a few minutes just by playing around.
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Feels good to use, very straight-forward and easy to use. I like how you can place ideas anywhere you want in the canvas - you have complete freedom.
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Hey everyone, I’m Chris, one of the folks behind Kingfisher. The team was surprised and flattered to be posted on ProductHunt this morning as we’ve been in a relatively quiet open beta. But since we’ve been hunted, we should tell you our story: - Kingfisher is a visual mapping tool to help you organize and connect ideas on a virtual canvas. Like a digital whiteboard, or a freeform Trello. - We’ve built Kingfisher in collaboration with two professors who teach systems thinking at Cornell and we believe its a tool that can actually help you think better. - Kingfisher can be used to map user flows, software architecture, business process, and team brainstorms. Multiple people can collaborate on a single map. We’d love your feedback! What works for you, what could be improved? We’re still in beta so we work best in Chrome and we’ll ask you to agree to our non-disclosure terms. Happy mapping, Chris
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@clbecker So did someone violate the beta NDA by outing you on PH? LOL
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I like the no-nonsense interaction options. But what I don't like is the onboarding. It could be much more welcoming. Will test the beta with pleasure though :-)