Kimchi for Messenger

Discover and listen to podcasts in Facebook Messenger


Aboura Mohamed Amine
@amaboura · Software developer , @ajcanvas
Hello PH Community! Today we're launching Kimchi, a Messenger bot that helps you discover and listen to podcasts. We've built a library of 200,000+ episodes that you can access and explore right from Messenger, you can subscribe to podcasts you like, save episodes for later, share episodes with your friends, and of course get notified on new episodes from y… See more
Andreas Duess
@andreasduess · CCO, Nourish Food Marketing
Honest feedback: it's cute, hella cute, but clunky. Stuff that I can do with a custom designed podcast player in 10 seconds, takes a minute. It's a fun experiment, I love the puns, I love the animation, but it's just not a very good podcast experience.