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Monthly kimchee! ๐Ÿ‘ My friend, @marymin, makes some delicious Kimchee. When are you opening up orders again!? :) cc @liveink
@marymin @liveink @rrhoover I've been waiting years for her to ship it to LA... :)
@liveink @rrhoover @bong @hsukenooi - haha, thanks for thinking of me! I'm on hiatus because 1) the supplier of my local organic napa cabbage is not going to be ready until Feb due to last year's drought and frost, and 2) my daytime job is keeping me busy. I still produce limited batches for friends occasionally but you have to be in SF. :) I'll keep you in mind Hsu Ken Ooi for next time!
@bong - i'm doing a batch MLK weekend in Norwalk. :) I'll save you a tub.
Kimchee is a passion turned idea turned project (and hopefully eventually turned business!) started by my mom. Her story here: Hoping at least a few people find it weird enough to be interesting!
@rohvh - sounds inspiring! I wish her the best of luck. Kimchi is hard.
This is fantastic! I might have to give this a shot. I moved to Mobile, Alabama from Atlanta a couple of years ago and have struggled to find kimchi anywhere.
Pretty nice website and I love the little easter-eggs -