Kids Passport

ClassPass for kids activities

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This is awesome! I know so many people who would love to try it out with their kids :) How did you go about finding first providers for your platform, @mevans1? What is the most popular activity so far?
Thanks @DarynaKulya families love Stomp & Shout (not your ordinary music class), Baby DJ School, and Karate! There's a ton of gems out there that we never knew existed. LMK if you want a promo code to test it out!
The Kids Passport is the easy way to access the whole wide world of kids classes near you. Homegrown in Brooklyn, NY. Tweet @thekidspassport for a special discount code to test it out!
Brilliant - this is exactly what we need for my 9 mo
Come to Portland!!!
@rje7 FOR SURE ! PORTLAND here we come!! :)