Crowdsourced kid activities for busy parents

Problem: Lists of kid activity ideas aren't user-friendly. Solution: crowdsources ideas, moderates them for safety and quality, then publishes them organized by collection and filterable by keyword. Visitors can then upvote, comment, and bookmark.
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I'm a web designer and a parent. Recently I've been inundated with helpful suggestions for kid activities while the schools are closed. Often the format is a giant spreadsheet of links, a fleeting tweet, or a facebook post. Hard to manage and store. When I went back to a list to try and find something relevant I found that many of the links were low quality and required many more clicks and navigation to get to a usable asset. Not ideal when you need something quickly. I decided to build a website where people could submit ideas easily, which would be moderated for quality and safety, and where you could more easily navigate to what you needed in the moment. I liked the idea of upvoting and commenting so that the best and most useful ideas could theoretically bubble up to the top. In addition I wanted to be able to bookmark my favorites so I could return to them quickly. is an attempt to solve those problems and help busy parents find high quality activity suggestions for kids.
Could we have a learning disabilities section?
@mcmarsh Great idea!I just added that section. If you have any resources to recommend for it you can add them now.
Would be fun to do a Kidalist colab with Crowd Quiz!