Professional Proofreading as a Service

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I know the founders from our co-working space, they were an early 500 Startups company. Happy to invite them to AMA! Thoughts @rrhoover? Essentially, you pick an editor, submit a blog posts/essay/college paper, get edits back fast.
Oh, this is a good one. I will b more than happy to see pricing info before giving my email, tho:)
Thanks for the mention, John. All else, happy to answer questions about Kibin. Thanks!
Hey @Tbizi! I love Kibin's origin story, perhaps you could share it here to start? Also: think we could get TechCrunch to have their CMS automatically post to Kibin? They're just a treasure trove of typos :)
Haha @ TechCrunch idea :-) Regarding Kibin's story... We started out because I was applying to law school and was looking for more than just simple editing for grammar/punctuation. I needed to know if I was presenting myself the way I wanted to be perceived. I couldn't find a service online that I felt could do this and friends were difficult to pin down. In short, I needed lots of feedback in addition to grammar, punctuation, etc. In the end, I found a niche law school forum and ended up trading personal statements with another applicant to provide feedback for one another. I had my applications good to go, but I ditched law school aspirations to start Kibin. It began as a peer-to-peer marketplace to facilitate the experience I had on the law school forum. This is the idea we entered the 500Startups accelerator program with. We soon found this peer-to-peer marketplace had many challenges, some of which included quality control, monetization, and delivering help in a timely manner. We eventually repositioned ourselves as a more traditional editing service that maintains our core beliefs that editing is far more than just grammar and punctuation changes/fixes (note: admittedly, Kibin still does a mediocre job of communicating this value upfront). We've stayed true to our core belief that 99% of people need help and guidance on how to make their writing better, not just correct. This isn't an easy system to scale as it takes a very specific editor to fit this culture (e.g. there are plenty of fantastic editors, but few of which that make great Kibin editors). Thanks for the question John!