Automatically capture and edit your best moments

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If Polaroid was acquired by Apple it would look like this:-) Pretty cool design
This is a great founder and team with lots of computer vision experience. The product actually works quite well.
@ricfulop Computer vision has been making incredible progress recently (autonomous cars, neural nets/deep learning, VR)
A camera with 2 cool extras. 1) It looks super awesome and crazy. 2) It automatically edits out the filler, and attempts to only spit out the best moments for you to save.
I'd actually be more interested in this as a security cam (wireless, battery operated, motion/sound activated). I'm not sure a camera pointed at our living room will capture anything worth remembering all that often, but as a security cam it checks off all the major wish list items.
Very cool! Love the clear use case and approachable design. Any beta testers in the PH community have thoughts (if you're allowed to say, not sure about NDAs and such)?