Lock & unlock your Mac via TouchID on your phone

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Hi, My name is Tom de Ruiter, the developer of KeyTouch. I made KeyTouch together with my friend Erik. Erik and I are both two young iOS App Developers from the Netherlands. KeyTouch is an app that lets you unlock, lock and enter your password on your Mac via Touch ID on your iPhone. Erik is making an API now that lets you unlock several websites on your Mac via Touch ID on your iPhone. This API will be launching soon. Our goal is to make your Mac and websites safer than they ever were. And to keep it that way.
Awesome idea, but it doesn't actually work. Stuck in a "Tap to Scan" screen on iOS. Installed the OSX version too.
@levelsio Do you use other apps like Knock and Notifyr on your Mac and iPhone too? This can interfere the Bluetooth connection of KeyTouch.
@tomgekeerd no nothing, just don't get how to set it up :( It says "Tap to scan", then pops up the "Touch ID for KeyTouch" window, then I put my finger on the home button, then "Turn On Bluetooth" etc. press OK, then pop up goes away and screen stays at "Tap to scan". What am I supposed to do now? Update: okay, get it now, so it wasn't really clear I can't unlock it if I didn't lock OSX with KeyTouch. Has to be locked w/ KeyTouch for it to be able to unlock with it? Also the info screen, I can't go back.
@levelsio You need to turn on bluetooth on your iOS device. When you press OK it is not turning on bluetooth itself. You need to do that manually.
@levelsio You can swipe away the info screen to the left. You cannot unlock your Mac if you have put it to sleep. Not after 10 seconds.
Please be aware that KeyTouch is not working with apps like Notifyr and Knock to Unlock. This Bluetooth connection is interfering the Bluetooth connection KeyTouch.
While it works, I think the whole flow is a little clunky. In order for me to unlock my Mac, I have to first unlock my phone, then tap to scan, then scan my thumb again. Is this the only way for me to do it?
@joshuaoxj Yes this is for now the only way to unlock your Mac. We're still optimising the way you unlock your Mac. We're trying to make an interactive notification that allows you to unlock your Mac right from the lock screen.
@tomgekeerd why is it that whenever I turn off and turn on the computer, I am not able to use it? I have to log in with my password before I am able to begin using Keytouch.
@joshuaoxj Unfortunately, you need to log in to your Mac because all the apps are closed whenever you log out or turn off your Mac.
Looks really cool. Have yet to try it out yet but will share my feedback. What's the difference between the other app (MacID for iOS) that appears when you search for Key Touch on the App Store besides the price?
@joshuaoxj MacID is more expensive than KeyTouch. But it is actually doing the same thing as KeyTouch. The only difference with MacID is that it has a constant Bluetooth connection. KeyTouch only has a Bluetooth connection when you have scanned your fingerprint, after that, the connection will be dropped automatically. This is saving more battery than a constant Bluetooth connection, because then, Bluetooth will be connected the whole time you are nearby your Mac.
@tomgekeerd Cool. Thanks for sharing. Love the discussions we can have with makers here. Will give you my feedback soon!
Just downloaded it and it works perfectly (but then again I don't use Notifyer or Knock). Nice and simple, tap to unlock, tap to lock. Here's the iOS app link in case anyone needs it: